Sabia Mania

Sabia Mania is a lifestyle blog which talks about topics from financial education, beauty, fashion, technology and other current events. This page was designed using a responsive theme with home features and sliders. It has the standard search functionality and a contact form 7 contact page. We also configure this sites Google Analytics to enable the site owner to track its sites visitor and sites performance and do necessary strategy adjustments as necessary.  

Blockchain Pinoy

Blockchain Pinoy aims on providing information about crypto currency and blockchain technology and how it will positively impact our lives and its potential implications in our future. Blockchain Pinoy also aims on creating their own crypto currency which will facilitate as a form of financial instrument to the communities in the Philippines under served by the traditional banking system.

Brandy Timoteo

This is my Sandbox, this is where I document and apply  topics that I learn and other items and topics that I find interesting. This page serves as my blog and my official online presence. The page utilizes a simple wordpress theme which is simple, light, and very easy to read. Some of the features of the site includes connection to my social media account, a contact form, and a search feature.

Hollywood Casting Inc.

Hollywood Casting Inc. is offers talent workshops, acting and singing training which aims on preparing prospective talents for their future career in acting, singing, or modeling. Hollywood Casting Inc. also offers information on active auditions in the United States and World Wide.

Casting Roles Inc.

Casting Roles is the entertainment industry’s top leading networking service. We connect our clients with Hollywood’s best acting coaches, Hollywood’s best Fashion/Print photographers, and Hollywood’s top agents. Once you’re developed & prepared you will then be given the opportunity to showcase your talents in front of the top 100 agents in industry at the worlds largest international showcase for actors, models, singers and dancers! IMTA! The International Model and Talent Association aka IMTA is the worlds premiere entertainers event....