Why Social Media Management not just about posting?

Why Social Media Management not just about posting?

Most people think that managing social media platforms are just simply uploading and posting contents. However, as social media evolves, it becomes more complex- especially if you want to see satisfactory and long-term results.

If you’re a Social Media Manager, or have been tasked with managing social media for your client or business, then there is a lot of work you could be doing, aside from just posting.

Here are the few things you must consider adding to your “to-do” list:

Map out a social media strategy

Before you plan your posting it is important to draw a route or course of action in detail that you want to implement in your project. This includes the outline of your goals, such as establishing an online presence, brand awareness, website traffic, or an increase in sales. The strategies you formulate need to be documented to achieve these set objectives and as a guide throughout the rest of your process.

Branding update

Make sure your brand is clear and consistent across all your social media channels and marketing platforms. Includes the logo, taglines, and brand identity.

Social media developments

Keep up actively with the latest developments on social media such as new tools, changes in features of the apps or platforms, updates on algorithms, policy, guidelines, trends and so on. 

Create your content calendar

Content Calendar serves as the framework of your business plan activities to share and promote across all your marketing channels. This must be a clear and organized calendar. It will help you define your content themes and posting cadences to match social platforms, audience, and objectives.

Post scheduling

The content calendar and post scheduling always go together with each other. What you put on your calendar will apply to your posting schedules. It’s not always feasible to just sit around and manually post your content, especially when you don’t have much time reviewing the materials you’re gonna post. Post scheduling allows you to have enough time to review your content and consider scheduling posts in advance. This can help save you time in the long run efficiently.

Plan and create an engagement strategy

  • Respond to comments, also it is important being an SMM is to respond to messages and comments at a reasonable time and make them personalized in some way, people will appreciate that. You can also create your own set of response scripts to speed up the process.
  • Run competitions, it is also popular in social media to initiate engagement and to gain more followers like you will run prize draws, competition or participates in celebrity giveaways.

Run advertising

Plan and try to run some ads on your chosen platform if you want to broaden the scope of your target audience.

Create a monthly report

This strategy is important to keep track of your monthly activities, output, achievements, and what’s needs to improve or develop.

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